Upcoming Meetings and Presentations

Leight Murray, President of the Civil War Round Table of the Mid-Ohio Valley, and Jerrie Berentz, Education Committee Chairperson, announce the organization's 2021 event calendar.

Meetings are open to the public and there are no required membership dues or admission fees to attend.  Small donations are accepted to offset a portion of the cost of the meetings.


Thursday, September 16, 7:00 p.m. @ Elizabeth S. Broughton Community Center, 619 SR 821, Marietta, OH 45750 (See www.thebroughtonsfoundation.org for maps, videos, and directions)

We regret to report that our scheduled presenter, Mr. Sherman Pyatt from Charleston SC and a member of the Board of Directors of the Gullah Geechee Cultural Corridor Commission, is unable to be with us this week.  However, Peter N. Cultice, an attorney and historian from Zanesville, Ohio, will honor us with his presence to speak to the subject of The Underground Railroad in Southeast Ohio.

Wednesday to Saturday, November 3 - 6

Fall 2021 South Carolina and Seat of the Rebellion Field Trip

Cowpens National Battlefield, Charleston Plantation and Historical City Tours, Fort Sumter National Monument, H.L. Hunley, Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site, Camden Battlefield and more.

Thursday, November 18, 7:00 p.m.

Civil War Music

Steve and Lisa Ball, Columbus OH, collectors, educators, historians, musicians, and vocalists, will entertain and educate about Civil War Music.

Past Programs and Presenters


  • But Not For My Children: The Holland Brothers' Unlikely Journey from Slavery, Scott Britton

  • Ohio Women in the Civil War Home Front, Kelly Mezurek, author, lecturer, and Professor of American History at Walsh University

  • The Fragile Fabric of Union: Cotton, Federal Politics, and the Global Origins of the Civil War.Brian Schoen,  Assistant Professor of History at Ohio University

  • Behind Enemy Lines: Harriet Tubman in the Civil War - The Port Royal Experiment Ilene Evans, Davis WV, dancer, historian, teacher, storyteller and creator of General Moses: Stories from the Life of Harriet Tubman, will tell us about one of her favorite subjects. 


  • Amouldering in the Grave: John Brown's Raid and the Abolitionists' Cause on the Eve of the Civil War, Brian Schoen, Assistant Professor of History, Ohio University


  • Gettysburg Hero: The Life of Marietta's Rufus R. Dawes, Scott A. Britton

  • Ohio at The Battle of Shiloh, Dan Hinton

  • Women's Clothing in the Civil War, Jessica Cyders

  • Lee Versus Everyone Else and Then Grant, Jeffrey W. Danner, M.A.

  • Black Men in Blue: The Civil War, Ohio, and U.S. Colored Troops, Kelly Selby, Ph.D.

  • Touched By Conflict: Southeast Ohio in the Civil War, Larry Strayer, J.D.


  • Women of Gettysburg:  Their Experiences from Written Legacies, Jane Ellen Young, M.S.

  • Morgan's Great Raid: Taking the War to the North, David Mowery

  • The Last Fourteen Days of Father Abraham, Robert Burgler, M.A.

  • The Bermuda Hundred Campaign, George L. Fickett

  • Ohio and West Virginia Troops at Petersburg, Edward Alexander

  • Soldier Fraternization Throughout the American Civil War, Lauren K. Thompson, Ph.D.


  • The Anaconda Plan and the Civil War on the Water, Gary Johnson, P.E.

  • Opdycke's Tigers at Chickamauga, Larry Strayer, J.D.

  • John C. Breckenridge, U.S. Vice-President, Confederate General and Secretary of War, Larry Emerson

  • Decapitating the Union: The Confederate Plot to Assassinate Lincoln, John C. Fazio, J.D.

  • The Controversial History of the Confederate Flag, Jeffrey W. Danner, M.A.

  • Washington County Generals in the Civil War, Scott A. Britton


  • Emancipation Proclamation, Peter N. Cultice, J.D.

  • Give Them Rocks: Stonewall Jackson's Stand at Second Manassas, Dan Welch, M.A.

  • A Personal Conversation with Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, Doug Riley

  • Civil War Leader from Parkersburg's Julia-Ann Square Historic District, Katherine L. Brown, Ph. D.

  • Soldier of Courage, Solider of Compassion: The Story of Capt. Bennet K. Munger, Brian S. Kesterson, M.A.

  • Pathway to Freedom: Foundation for the Abolitionist Movement, Bill Reynolds



  • Intrepid Mariners: U.S.S.Kearsarge v. C.S.S. Alabama, John C. Fazio, J.D.

  • Courage, Honor, Love in the Civil War: Rufus R. Dawes and Mary Gates Dawes, Steven R. Magnusen, P.E.

  • Ku Klux Klan: From Nathan Bedford Forest to Ohio's Klan in the 1920's, William Trollinger, Ph.D.

  • Mother Bickerdyke, Carolyn Caskey